Resources for Patients

Questions You Should Ask

Because responses will be different for each patient, based on medical history and personal characteristics, answers are not provided below. These are some sample questions you should ask your anesthesia provider before having surgery:

  • Which type of anesthesia is best for me and the surgery I am having?
  • What should I avoid eating or drinking before I come in to have my surgery?
  • Is it alright to come alone or should someone come with me?
  • Which kinds of medications do you need to know I am taking before I am operated on?
  • (Men) I am currently taking Viagra. Will that interfere with my anesthesia experience in any way?
  • Is it all right to take medications for my allergies before I come in?
  • I have asthma, what do I need to know before and after I have surgery?
  • I am diabetic, are there any special concerns before or after I have my surgery?
  • I take complementary / alternative medicines–will these pose any problems or is it all right to keep taking them before my surgery? What about herbal supplements?
  • Will I be able to eat solid foods right after my surgery?
  • What if I have more questions after the surgery? Who can I contact?
  • My child is having surgery — what do I need to know? How can I help prepare my child for surgery? Will I be able to stay with my child until the anesthesia takes effect?
  • (Women) What are my anesthesia options for labor and delivery?
  • I was very nauseous after my last surgery, can that be prevented?

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