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Perioperative Temperature Management Curriculum

The purpose of this curriculum is to enable participants to plan and implement a temperature management plan for the perioperative patient. This includes appropriate pre-operative assessment of risk factors for hypothermia, knowledge about why and how surgical patients become hypothermic in order to take prevention measures, minimize and/or and treat perioperative hypothermia, and decrease the risk of adverse outcomes.

Consists of two interactive modules (both must be completed)

  1. Unintended Hypothermia: The Importance of maintaining normothermia
  2. Getting to the Core: Considerations for perioperative patient temperature monitoring

At the conclusion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Explain how the body’s thermoregulatory system works
  • Define and explain the principal mechanism of heat loss in the surgical patient
  • Identify adverse patient outcomes associated with unintended hypothermia
  • Explain the benefit of prewarming to help prevent unintended hypothermia
  • Discuss the importance of monitoring core body temperature in perioperative patients
  • Identify methods of monitoring body temperature during the perioperative journey and the benefits and drawbacks associated with each method
  • Outline guidelines and recommended practices for perioperative temperature monitoring

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*Good through July 21, 2024

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