Our History

History of the Maine Association of Nurse Anesthetists

History of Organization

              The Maine Association of Nurse Anesthetists (MeANA) was established in 1956. The idea for an association was conceived by a small group of nurse anesthetists at the Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine.

              A pre-organizational meeting was held April 6, 1956, and a by-laws committee was appointed. On May 10, 1956, an organization meeting was held with 10 members. All members signed an application, which was forwarded to the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) in Chicago.

              The first meeting was held on September 30, 1956. The small group was very optimistic concerning the Maine Association. Through the help of the AANA, the group grew.  In the 1956-67 period there were 24 active members and 7 inactive members. MeANA became the 42nd state to be organized and recognized.

              MeANA now has over 361 members and 30 nonmembers (mostly retired former members).  Our members work in the largest medical centers in Maine, as well as being the only anesthesia providers in 20 of the state’s most rural hospitals. During that time we have had 38 Presidents who have served our Maine CRNA members securing a solid place in the anesthesia community in our state.  For example, more than 60 % of our members provide solo anesthesia in rural communities and have helped to lead the way in opioid free alternative anesthesia and pain management. During the recent COVID pandemic, Maine CRNAs continue to work tirelessly to protect and keep safe their patients, colleagues and their families. The coming year is full of promise and Maine CRNAs will continue its proud tradition of quality anesthesia care, commitment and service to its community and patients.

MEANA Presidents


2020-2021: Susan DeCarlo
2019-2020: Erin Foley
2018-2019: Erin Foley
2017-2018: Paul Schneider
2016-2017: Seth Rabinowitz
2015-2016: Tom Nolan
2014-2015: Kristie Hoch
2012-2014: Stacey Whittington
2010-2012: Paul Schneider
2008-2010: Vance Wormwood
2006-2008: Dana Marshall
2004-2006: Bruce Rioux
2002-2004: Kathleen Donnelly
2000-2002: Coleen Walsh
1998-2000: Vance Wormwood
1997-1998: Michael McGinnis
1995-1997: Catherine Hagerman
1994-1995: June St. Pierre
1992-1994: William Trimble
1988-1990: Leon Deisering
1990-1992: Michael McGinnis
1986-1988: Rebecca Belanger
1984-1986: Theodore Kehn
1982-1984: Barbara Clark
1980-1982: Bruce O’Donnell
1978-1980: Pauline Barbin
1976-1978: Gladys Stewart
1975-1976: Sylvia Durepos
1973-1975: Pauline Barbin
1972-1973: Ronald Turner
1970-1972: Daniel Isabel
1968-1970: Theresa Giguere
1966-1968: Gladys Stewart
1964-1966: Pauline Roy
1962-1964: Georgia Greeley
1960-1962: Marilyn Carroll
1958-1960: Evelyn Richards
1956-1958: Helen Aulton Black